PPC Advertising

Building digital visibility is a painstaking, time consuming process. However, many businesses can’t wait. That’s where PPC comes in. Advertising and paid marketing of your products on search engines, social media, and app stores gives a quick boost to your other marketing efforts while keeping the coffers clinking.

The art of PPC advertising is an absolute science. From writing headlines, ad copy creation, keyword and target market research, understanding the keyword relation to the buying cycle, bid management and campaign management, it could quite easily be a full-time job. PPC advertising goes by many names: paid search, paid socialpay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing and social media advertising. They are the advertisements above and on the right side of the organic search results or within or beside your social feed. We won’t start a campaign until we understand your customers, your products or services, and what your customers expect and want along their buying journey.

Grow9Digital is a Digital Marketing Company in India built on the back of solid, process-driven CPC and CPM services that keep delivering revenue while maximizing ROI. We don’t just aim to get you traffic or sales; we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to minimize cost per conversion and cost per customer acquisition. That’s why our esteemed customers are trust us with their advertising budgets year after year.

Even if you’re already running Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns, let us do a quick audit of your account – We then design a customized advertising campaign to meet the customers along their journey! Throughout this process you can be as involved in the planning and tracking of your campaigns as you would like. If you’re new to pay per click advertising and you’d prefer to walk a bit before we start jogging together, drop us a line today and get a free analysis of your website along with a demo of how Pay per click advertising can help your business! Our services also include social media advertising, display and native ads in mainstream media, as well as in-app advertising.

Although Google Adwords is a fantastic marketing tool for online advertising, it’s also very complex with many subtleties. The platform can be overwhelming and it does require a broad understanding of the framework to effectively produce a return on your investment. It may well be true that anyone can set up an Adwords campaign, in fact Google make it very easy for businesses to have a go. Unfortunately though, a very common experience is that you waste the budget with no success and no real desire to take your Adwords experience any further. With our broad experience and proven Adwords results, we PPC consultants in Mumbai provide a complete pay per click advertising solutions in India to help local businesses strengthen their advertising campaigns online.

Lastly, a PPC consulting company in India or Adwords account management company in India is only as good as the ROI it generates for the client. Our reports are customized and simplified to give you exact, real-time snapshots of where you come from, where you stand, and where you’re going, and if your campaigns are indeed aligned with your business goals.

Pay per click advertising offers several advantages over SEO:

  • PPC advertising offers (near) immediate results; SEO can take weeks or months to start working
  • PPC advertising is nearly 100% controllable; no SEO company can promise you a certain ranking
  • The most accurate keyword tool (data that can be used for an SEO campaign) is a ‘live’ PPC campaign
  • The return on investment (ROI) from PPC advertising can be far more easily controlled than an SEO campaign
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